As a professional athlete, you want to maximize your career earnings.

Our team has negotiated over $1 billion in contracts.

We bring together a preeminent lineup of experienced agents, business executives, and lawyers with unmatched experience in all areas of your career, including equipment and off-the-field endorsement deals.

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MLB Draft

Ballengee Group has negotiated over $300 million in draft bonuses and has had 32 of the top 100 picks in the last five drafts.

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Our team will collaborate with you to identify your interests, and assist in the development of your brand. We focus on purpose-based marketing, associating you with brands and/or non-profit organizations that align with your values and goals.

Click here to see some of our off-the-field endorsements.

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Our experienced equipment team works around the clock to ensure no need goes unmet.

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Off-Season Training

Our clients have access to the nation's best training centers (i.e. Rapid Sports Performance, MapleZone Sports Institute, Cressey Sports Performance, and EXOS/API) throughout their careers, including our new in-house facility at our Dallas office, where clients receive personal assessments, training, and have access to the latest sports performance technology.

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360 Approach

Our integrated approach offers you best-in-class services under one roof. 

In addition to our first-class management team, Ballengee Group does not limit your potential to services we offer in-house. Our partnerships, many of them exclusive, are with the best of the best in every category of talent representation and are based on personal relationships formed over a lifetime of business success.

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Giving Back

We believe athletes have an important responsibility to use their platform to help others. From community outreach to 501(c)(3)'s, we have the experience and resources to help you see your charitable ventures come to life.

Through our exclusive partnership with Muhammad Ali's Athletes for Hope, our clients are assisted in finding the best ways to give back.

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Ballengee Group offers unparalleled black card service for all of our elite athletes.

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